Valuations’ process digitalization

Valuations Management and Workflow Design


A web platform that aims to digitalize processes to increase appraisal projects profitability and margins through state-of-the-art technology and our client’s expertise. Additionally, aims to be an appraisal compatibility hub working as a middleware between apps.

A modular and scalable solution with taylor made components designed with and for our clients.


The target audience for Gytics RE is all potential stakeholders in the evaluation processes. From investors, banks and asset management companies to consulting and valuation companies, extended to freelance valuers.

Workflow management

Consultants <-> valuation/consulting companies <-> client’s departments (central services, branches…)

  • Add/Edit/Remove properties
  • View property listing
  • List properties
  • Credit
  • Collateral
  • Recovered
  • See properties on map
  • Filter properties by attributes and location
  • View assessments (all carried out to date)
  • Status of the Assessment process:

– For evaluating
– Allocated to PAI. Running.
– Awaits Analysis
– Under review
– Finished

  • Save Timestamp of the beginning of each state, in order to allow filtering.
  • Property valuation status

– Not rated
– Evaluation in progress
– Evaluated < 6 months
– Evaluated > 6 months and < 1 year
– Evaluated > 1 year and < 2 years
– Evaluated > 2 years and < 3 years
– Evaluated > 3 years

Property options

  • Elementary attributes (internal code, address, name, date of construction, condition, coordinates, photos…)
  • View valuations (all carried out to date) Property Value (last valuation, if any)
  • Property valuation status (“Appraised > 6 months and < 1 year”, for example)
  • Request New Assessment
  • Contacts for scheduling the visit
  • Purpose of the assessment (dropdown and “Others”, free field) with confirmation – “Are you sure that…”


Valuation Process

  • Comparables

– Webscrapping (websites – asking price)
– Internal Databases (past valuations, transactions)
– External data


  • Homogenization by factors (one of the possible methods)

  • Report export (example in XLSX)



Data, Valuation methods, workflows, reports and other outputs (APIs for example), are fully customizable