Data Visualization & Spatial Analysis

Since 2018, GeoPoint is an extended service provider of WKT, a Portuguese software house that initiated the development of a WebGIS Open Source Platform, especially for public institutions – ScalarGIS.

This WebGIS platform has been successfully implemented and still used in several organizations, particularly in the National GIS used by the Portuguese government (, the National Cadastral Information System Viewer (, Portugal seen from the sky (, Land Occupation Monitoring System (, Coastal Resource Management System (for the Ministry of Environment and Climate Action), Algarve Acolhe (, the Integrated Monitoring and Inspection System for the Environment and Territory, or several municipal GeoPortals (,

Any data can be added to the tool by CSV, TXT, SHP, GeoJson, or other geographic format including WMS, or WFS.

  • Properties and valuations (past and present)
  • POI (Schools, Hotels, Restaurants, Supermarkets…)
  • Footfall
  • Census data
  • Market data
  • Many other options

With this tool you can:

  • Visualize data
  • Relate data
  • Make proximity analysis (catchem areas or other)
  • Associate data (urban plans, socio-economic, market data) – Data enrichment
  • Export data and analysis
  • Export reports (xlsx, docx, pdf…)