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Valuations’ process digitalization

Valuations’ process digitalization

A platform that aims to digitalize and transform real estate appraisal processes. A suite of tools and features specifically designed to streamline and enhance real estate appraisals.

Digitalize processes to increase appraisal projects profitability and margins through state-of-the-art technology and our client’s expertise. Additionally, aims to be an appraisal compatibility hub working as a middleware between apps.

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Data Visualization & Spatial Analysis

This visualization and spatial analysis tool has been successfully implemented in several public and private organizations.
Upload your data, connect your valuations and assets, analyse the surroundings, create reports.

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Data Visualization & Spatial Analysis

Data Enrichment

Data enrichment is essential for real estate analysis and valuation. It enhances existing datasets with valuable information like market trends, property details, demographics, and economic indicators. Enriched data enables real estate professionals to make informed decisions, predict market fluctuations, and accurately assess property values.

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Data Enrichment

ESG - Environmental, social and governance

Gytics for ESG in real estate valuation brings key advantages, including informed decision-making, risk mitigation, and enhanced market competitiveness.


Integrated Real Estate Solution

An integrated solution that combines digitalized real estate appraisal processes, visualization tools, and spatial analysis in a single platform.

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